Slack API

I am StackOverflowing. I am GitHubbing. But the best/worst part of this open-source month is that I am building a bot to handle invites for the Ruby Group I help organize.

Our Ruby group uses Slack to stay in...

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Stack Overflow Here I Come

It is Day 2 of Do-Ocracy challenge, and today I decided I was still too freaked out to do anything on GitHub BUT I could comment on StackOverflow.

So I found a recent question about upgrading a Rails 3 app...

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Read All of Rubocop

Today I decided to start small, you know, because that is what smart people do. So Day 1/30 is: read through all of the issue queue for the Rubocop gem.

Do you use that gem? I fucking love it....

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It has been quite a few months since I last updated this blog! Where has the time gone? Have I STOPPED doing things wrong?

Au contraire, dear reader, I assure you it’s been quite the opposite.
In fact,...

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Run Against Your Bundle

Today I could not understand what was going wrong or why. A colleague and I had been working in the same body of code, and his code was merged in and the specs ran and everything was GREEN-GREEN-GREEN.

So I...

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Code Superheroes

Some of the things in my knowledge journey are technical skills. Others are soft skills.

Today I am learning the soft skill about recognizing and actively working to prevent a team from having one person who is the single point...

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Debugging JavaScript Can Die in a Fire

Debugging parse errors in JS is literally the worst. I’ve done some searching, and I’ve not found any particularly well-established techniques for effectively flushing out your JS bugs, aside from the super-annoying, “When you have enough experience, you just know...

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Redis As My Sh*t_Store

Today I learned about what happens when you have all these fancy methods that depend on your user session, and then all of a sudden the Rails magic stops, and you don’t know why.

Race conditions!

Having Redis handle...

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Patience Cat

It is very important, in pairing, to be patient. Especially in pairs where technical experience is unequal (mentor/mentee), you and your pair are working together eliminate dark spots in your understanding. Impatience on the part of either party is a...

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How Does It Work!

The easiest way to tell if a thing is working is if it just works.

I wish I had something more profound to say about this, but I don’t. Sometimes it can be really difficult to determine if a thing...

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Selector Specificity

CSS and I are in a fight and it is my fault because I did not know that classes were more specific selectors than HTML tags and so rules set on a class will always overwrite rules set on a...

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Print Pairs Not Wholes

The other day I had to write a gnarly rake task to iterate through 30,000 records, ask some things about those records, and then organize them into bins based on what the answers to those questions were.

I had determined...

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Fork Me

Today I learned about the dangers of forking a project repository.

Our team had forked the Wraith testing tool, a long time ago, and then made a bunch of customizations to the project, to suit our needs.

But then, as...

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Jekyll Setup Is Nuanced

I am running this site through GitHub Pages, because it is pretty simple and plugs into my GitHub account super-smooth like. Configuring it to run at a custom subdomain was less easy, but still not awful. I learned some things...

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