Slack API

I am StackOverflowing. I am GitHubbing. But the best/worst part of this open-source month is that I am building a bot to handle invites for the Ruby Group I help organize.

Our Ruby group uses Slack to stay in touch – but manually inviting people you don’t know to a Slack group is actually kind of arduous.
Enter the Slack API. It’s a pretty trivial task to spin up an app that manages your invites – at least, in theory.

But their docs are rough – and I know what you’re going to say: YOU FIX IT! THIS IS A DO-OCRACY! And you’re right.

Except, their repository is NOT open source, so I had to settle for submitting an issue to their Issue Queue.

Anyway, InviteBot is taking a lot of time, and blogging gets a back seat.

Written on March 11, 2016